How to Prepare for a Property Inspection: A Checklist

Home and commercial property inspections alike can be a source of anxiety for property owners. There are often questions on how to prepare and limit the number of issues found. Fortunately, there are many small steps to help minimize minor issues a property or home inspector could find. Below is a commercial property/home inspection checklist to help you prepare for your inspection.

1. Clean and Declutter

First, a deep cleaning and decluttering go a long way in preparing for an inspection. A clean property leaves an impression of a well-maintained space. In addition, clear furniture and other obstructions away from access points such as windows, walls, under sinks, attic, furnace, and the HVAC system. Also, ensure crawlspaces can be accessed as well.

Commercial and residential property inspection

2. Check Simple Things

Simple fixes such as replacing light bulbs, and batteries in the smoke detectors or garage door openers are a quick preparation step. While you’re at it, test your carbon monoxide detector as well.

3. Change Filters and Check Heating and Air Systems

While your pilot light is likely already on in your water heater, be sure to check the pilot light for any gas fireplaces. Another quick preparation step is changing your furnace filter. Having a clean filter indicates that you’ve been keeping up with maintenance for your heating and air systems.

4. Label Your Fuse Box

Some older properties (and new ones, too!) have unclearly labeled fuse boxes, leading to serious frustration for inspectors and property owners alike. To make the inspector’s job easier, check that all labels are clear and legible to read quickly.

5. Check for Leaks

Water damage is one of the big things an inspector will look for—plan to have any water damage fixed before the property inspection if possible. Check near and under sinks, other appliances, and bathrooms. Also, look at ceilings, walls, floors, and the property’s exteriorexterior of the property for any signs of warping or discoloration.

6. Check for Pests

While no one ever wants to have an infestation, be sure to handle any pests before an inspection. If this applies to you, set out bait, spray for ants, and remove any wasp nests or other pests.

7. Clear Perimeter

If landscaping is around the exterior, ensure that any overgrown landscaping is trimmed back and give the inspector a clear view of the structure.

8. Check Doors and Cabinets

Another simple review before an inspection is checking the condition of your doors and cabinets. Make those cabinet and door repairs if you have a loose cabinet or sticky door lock. Tighten hinges and handles on cabinet doors, check all door knobs and locks, and make any replacements as needed. The goal is to ensure all doors and cabinets can easily open and cloopen and close with ease.

A person working on door repair

9. Ensure Utilities Are Connected

While many properties will already have utilities on, ensure all utilities are turned back on if your property has been vacant. Inspectors will check how utilities are functioning, and turning those back on (if needed) gives the inspector critical information about the state of the property.

10. Show Home/Property Repair Receipts

A great way to score some bonus points with your inspector is by having a file of all property repair receipts, including any remodeling, plumbing, and electrical receipts. This gives the inspector a clearer picture of the property’s history and any other work that may need to be checked more closely.

Day Of

When inspection day arrives, do a final walkthrough, checking that all access points are available and that any last-minute chores are handled. Be sure any pets are properly secured, or plan to take them with you if this is a buyer-ordered inspection.

While inviting an inspector to scrutinize each aspect of your property can be nerve-wracking, remember that the inspector isn’t looking to “pass” or “fail” your property. Every property has minor flaws, and an inspector is unlikely so it’s unlikely an inspector won’t find something to put on their list. All you can do is take steps to prepare and take a breath.

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